So what’s first?



I am in London and I have a job that isn’t retail, finally! Next step is now the creative side of things. I will be completely renovating my website with an entirely new look, theme, content and fun features. This will now become my on-line portfolio rather than the selling platform that it is at the moment and will be expanded, edited and adapted as I develop my skill set and experience. I will use it alongside my blog as a means to advertise my skills and present them to potential employers from afar. My blog will continue to feature the development process of any projects or adventures I may be embarking on and can still be accessed directly from the website. Thus meaning the website will now be used solely for displaying my final work. Whether photographed from life, or created digitally it will all be found in one accessible, organised and personally designed space…..or at least that’s the idea!

As for the craft side of things, I now have clay. I have gotten my hands on some clay and carving tools and much to my partner’s dismay, the mess is about to begin! I have been in touch with a fantastic illustrator, Charlie Parsons, who I have the fortune of knowing and have been given permission to use his fictional characters to model from. At present they are in a 2D format, giving me the opportunity to both hone my skills in sculpture, but also in design as I will have to realise the creatures’ 3D form myself. This project should be interesting, hopefully successful, but interesting either way! Have a look at more of Charlie’s work on his website, but for now, take a peek at the first figure I’ll be attempting to bring to life.



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