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I last left off at New Designers, which now seems like a fond, but distant memory. Since then: I have left my home town; I’ve moved city twice in fact; had 2 transfers; 3 new jobs; welcomed in a new year and turned 23!

We are now nearly a month into 2014 and I find myself living in a funky warehouse conversion with a great collection of other young and creative types in North West London. I moved here after 4 months of good and bad experiences in Birmingham, all of which had something valuable to teach me! I spent my Wednesdays in the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design (BIAD) as a ‘Designer in Residence’, which in short meant I was a volunteer teaching assistant on the level 3 Interior and Product Design course in their new, state of the art, Parkside campus. In return for my services I had full access to all of the University’s teaching and learning facilities, most importantly, their workshops! This was the reason for taking the position (which I was offered after being approached at New Designers). My plan was to work my obligatory Wednesday helping students in the studios, then use the rest of my spare time to continue expanding my portfolio and create new lamp collections. However, as I support myself, I also still worked full-time hours in H&M and unfortunately my plan was not financially sustainable and didn’t allow me the time I needed to utilise the free workshops!

SO! London happened sooner than expected and I am all the happier for it! Now, I am working for an interactive events firm as an events technician and will be travelling all over the world to deliver our services. The position is full-time and will be providing me with fantastic learning and travel opportunities, but I have not abandoned my creative side and will still continue making…..I have a plan!


I’ve detoured slightly, so bear with me while I change my career goals once again! I’m looking back to an old dream I used to have of building the extravagantly detailed props of big budget movies and TV shows. Now I am in London, this could actually become a reality for me, and it’s something I am now going to spend my time here working towards. I may not have been able to study Prop and Set design at University (Dundee was my only option, and Dundee doesn’t have that), but I did develop a lot of transferable skills over the years that I intend to put to good use! So for the foreseeable future I will be improving my portfolio through volunteering roles in Theatres and small independent projects and developing my skill set as I do so! I will continue working on my own personal projects also and make the most out of my fantastic new job. Once I have created a portfolio that I am happy to push I will brave the exciting risks of working freelance in both my current job and as a designer……

…or at least that’s the plan!


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