MAKE LIGHT TRIO – The Little Meter

I am currently in the process of getting the degree show collection photographed again in preparation for new designers, so the new photos will shortly follow, but for now here is a little insight into the making and outcome of the trio that made up my degree show and that will be joining me in London for New Designers. This post looks at The Little Meter. It pretty much does what it says on the tin, this lamp was created from a little electricity meter found at the Tayside Recyclers Emporium in Dundee. The original meter was full of character, its face seemed to express an odd sense of personality, which then became the basis for the design. From the beginning it just seemed appropriate to refer to the piece as  ‘he’ rather than ‘it’. From then on the design process centred around retaining that sense of personality in the object and bringing it to light (excuse the pun, it had to be done). These images give a brief insight into the making of the piece, from taking it apart to designing and building his ‘limbs’, however more information can be found at

1. Original 2. Dismantling 3 8. Arms Before Cutting 11. Arm before Riveting 14. Arm on Case 14.5 Ready to Spray 15. Wiring Switch



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