Long Overdue

Apologies for the lack of posts, I blame the degree show although it is not a valid excuse, it’s the only one I have. On May 26th we saw the end of the Duncan of Jordanstone 2013 Degree Show, A.K.A ‘290°’ and in turn the end of my time in art school.

The show was a success! In my final year I moved away from the Jewellery aspect of the course and focussed more on the metal design to create three unique pieces of lighting design.

“In today’s throwaway society, new technological developments frequently supersede older designs, often leaving them discarded and forgotten. Though these items may not uphold their original function, they still boast beauty worth preserving.

 Rachael has spent her time on the Jewellery and Metal Design course learning how to adorn the body. However, her latest collection uses this understanding to realise the potential in unwanted objects.  Her work demonstrates how broken, abandoned and out-dated designs can be converted into functional pieces of art. Each object is dismantled, restored and enhanced with several workshop techniques to create a bespoke piece of lighting design that reflects the item’s original purpose and preserves its beauty.”

degree show 


On the opening night I sold 2 out of 3 and since then have also received commissions to make more. The degree show was a great success and the next step is taking the trio down to London for New Designers 2013!


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