Finally Finding My Feet,

…and about time too! Fourth year is well under way now that we are halfway through week two. Like many of my peers I am nervous and quite frankly terrified of leaving the comfort of higher education after this year, I don’t plan to do any post graduate studies, at least not straight away. However, unlike many of my classmates I am excited and eagerly waiting for what might happen after graduation. I also think that’s why, I am excited about what might happen. At this point in the game I still have no idea, I don’t know what job prospects will come my way; how quickly my career will get started or where I will start this new life. I love Dundee, it will always be my home and I will never really leave, especially now the V&A is headed this way, but considering I have lived here my whole life, it’s about time I really flew the nest (further than my current flat, just a ten minute drive from my parents).

As the title was intended to suggest, I have had a bit of a revelation in these first couple of weeks. In the two years I have studied Jewellery and Metal design so far, I have never really designed or made anything I have been particularly passionate about and I have finally realised why. I am not jewellery designer. I rarely wear jewellery and I don’t have a major interest in it, yet it’s taken me this long to work out that these are fairly fundamental in being a jewellery designer. What really gets me buzzing is interior design! Not the spacial awareness or environmental aspects of it, but the simple notion of decorating a space and creating a theme or atmosphere from doing so. I have been chuckled at on many occasion for my unusual obsession with cushions and lamps, I could quite happily skimp on clothes and food to provide my room with that one absolutely essential, overpriced cushion that will set off all of my furniture. This is my thing, this is what gets me excited and makes me want to design and create, so finally I am bringing this passion and my career together. My degree show will take the metal and jewellery skills I have gained from my course and my interest in lighting together, the outcome is still foggy at the moment, but that’s what the eight month design process ahead of me is for. Stay tuned…




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