4th Year Ahoy!

In the summer-time run up to the fourth and final year of art school the nerves and excitement are setting in!! Speaking to various art students in my year, the general consensus seems to be fear rather than excitement. The fact that everyone else is scared when I’m excited is now giving me the fear. I’d imagine the majority worry about the generic ‘Leaving University’ questions: What will I do after the degree show?; Will I be able to find work?; Will I be moving to a new city?……obviously these are also running through my own head, but in a more optimistic way it seems. I am loving the idea of moving to a new city and meeting new people. Starting a new job (if any offers come my way) or starting my own business and with any luck watching it grow and growing with it. The issue where all my concerns lie is getting to the end of Uni, and actually finishing fourth year with a respectable degree classification!  The thinking cap is now officially on. Iv been pinning any remotely inspiring internet find on my Pinterest, noting the smallest of ideas that occur into several lists and making first attempts at putting some of these ideas into action. The first being my new fascination with Ojo De Dios, the craft more commonly known as ‘God’s Eyes’. This originally Mexican craft has taken my fancy recently and I have been having a go myself, playing with colours, designs and different sizes……


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