A new Fashion Designer

These are the latest Designs of Miss Paula Deas, new to the fashion industry but one to watch. Her most recent project is a playful piece inspired by the ‘Papago Tribe Butterfly Story’, a beautiful take on the human life cycle and the effects of ageing. (For the full story).

Suddenly he smiled All those colors, they ought to be preserved.
I’ll make something to gladden my heart, something for these children to look at and enjoy. The Creator took out his bag and started gathering things: a spot of sunlight, a handful of blue from the sky, the whiteness of the cornmeal, the shadow of playing children the blackness of a beautiful girls hair, the yellow of the falling leaves, the green of the pine needles, the red, purple, and orange of the flowers around him.
All these he put into his bag.
As an afterthought, he put the songs of the birds in, too.

The Designer’s own words demonstrate how everyone can take a different moral from this story, and her’s is apparent in her work.

The song birds dont appreciate the creator giving their songs away to the butterflies because they are beautiful without it. The song bird sits on the nest protecting its songs with all the beautiful things surrounding the music from the song bird.


Photography, Rachel Wright 

Model, Paula Deas


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