The Final Hurdle

Fourth year is fast approaching and we are being encouraged to think about our degree show as we come to a close on this semester. I am now at the stages of coming up with a final brief for the last project of 3rd year and it seems logical to use this as an oppurtunity to test my ideas for the degree show.

I have always been good at fixing things……I don’t mean electrical equipment or car engines, but simple mechanics, like the kimball guns at work, when they break, I fix them and it saves us ordering new ones (at least for a little while, they are so unreliable). I have always loved this way of thinking, like untangling knots, piecing jigsaws together and mending small kinetic structures, it always comes with a great sense of satisfaction when I look at something broken, see a problem and put it back together. I want to be able to use this way of thinking in my pieces, to give them a unique selling point, or even just an unusual aspect. For this project, I want to make kinetic jewellery!

I have decided to look at puppetry and how it works, I’m not talking finger puppets (at least not the ‘sock on a finger’ kind) , but real complex puppetry so I can then create a piece of moving jewellery, something fun and playful that the wearer can connect with and bring life to.

I have also been looking into other designers who have explored with kinetic jewellery, Like Yenz Lin,

And Dukno Yoon,

These pieces are incredible, the way they have been so cleverly worked out to move the way they do has been made to look so simple. I want to create an animated piece of jewellery, like a character (an animal probably rather than a person) and if it’s successful I may even film a scene for the degree show to present with my work. Here goes!


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